Guaranteed Rent

Looking for a way to avoid the hassles of renting a flat or house? Would you prefer not to waste your time and effort searching? Don't worry! Matthews Lettings and Services will keep you in the loop. If you sign a contract with us, you are free to unwind and enjoy the experience. MLSL will assist you in finding the right tenant for your home. You can choose us with full confidence because you'll continue to receive guaranteed rent throughout the year, so you won't need to worry if the tenants are moving in.

ZERO Maintenance Fee

Due to Matthews Lettings and Services' no-maintenance policy, landlords can simply enjoy the experience. Also, signing up with Matthews Lettings and Services means no worries about their investment in necessary fixes. The MLSL team makes sure that any minor repair or something else that may come up falls under their responsibility, so it wouldn't make sense to spend your time searching everywhere when the MLSL team does it for you.

Letting and rent collection

MLSL will cover your letting and rent collection needs, and you won't have to worry about advertising or finding tenants since we handle everything for you. Following our initial search for a property, we will carry out a full tenant referencing and marketing check, arrange viewings, a tenant search, and find the perfect tenant for the property. As your letting agent, we also help you collect your monthly rent on your behalf, handling tenant enquiries as well.

Condition of the house returned same as in the beginning

We will make sure the house's condition is the same when we take over your home. This will make you feel satisfied when you give us the keys. We will ensure that everything about the house will be handled professionally, from the appearance to the management.


No extra bills, just rent

Rent doesn't begin and end with rent. Tenants are also responsible for other expenses such as electricity, water, and other maintenance. Wouldn't it be nice if you only had rent to pay and no other expenses? That would be the dream scenario. Wouldn't it be? It's true! By taking Tenant service from MLSL, you get to keep all of your existing expenses. Our 'No extra bills, just rent' service means you can pay your rent and we'll handle the remaining bills, such as electricity and water.

Cleaning throughout the week

MLSL's Tenant service covers shared homes, where Cleaners will be sent throughout the week by our team. No matter who lives in the house, we make sure that the common areas are clean. We will ensure that your home is spotless when you move in. Our tenant services team will handle all your needs.

High-speed internet to ease working from home

The tenant service also features high-speed internet access to all, whether the resident is an IT professional, a work-from-home employee, or a student. Hence, you do not have to look everywhere or hire someone to set up an Internet connection.

After-hours emergency support & basic essentials

The MLSL team will ensure that Tenants have everything they require in their room, such as cupboards, beds, and other necessities. Moreover, we will provide complete assistance in emergency situations. So if a gas line breaks or a gas leak occurs, we will respond immediately. No purchase is required for necessities. If an emergency occurs, please let us know. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The student accommodation starts at 275

Our selection of student apartments and houses is located in prime locations near campuses, and our student accommodation starts at just £275. Students can experience the nightlife, shopping malls, and other leisure activities of the area.

All-year-round heating

Because Nottingham experiences cold weather all year round, our immigrants are given access to heating every day. This service is provided exclusively to Tenant customers, ensuring that no one feels far from home with our service.